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Dakhingaon, Nalbari, Assam

Village outreach program by Department of Surgery of Nalbari Medical college

The Department of Surgery, Nalbari Medical College conducted a village outreach program on 16th June, 2024 which aimed at providing medical assistance and education to rural communities. The program was designed to address the healthcare needs of underserved populations and raise awareness about common health issues. A team of surgeons, nurses, and medical professionals led by Prof (Dr) Narendra Nath Ganguly and Medical Superintendent, Dr Madhab Ch Rajbangshi visited TIHU FRU to offer medical consultations, screenings, and treatments. They also conducted health education sessions on topics such as hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention. During the outreach program, the team identified and treated various health conditions, including infections, injuries, and chronic diseases. They also provided referrals for more specialized care when needed. Nalbari Medical College plans to hold such outreach programs fortnightly on a regular basis View file